Birdie Photos

Rufous in a Grapefruit Tree (isn't from the 12 Days of Christmas), yet the grapefruit tree is a perfect perch for a hummer. It comes complete with bugs and spider appetizers and webs for nest building!

Black Hawk Down:)

After a wind storm, this falcon spent the morning in our backyard. She returns often now, hunting birds such as pidgeons and doves that frequent the seed feeders.

Little Dove

Doves frequent our backyard (usually in pairs). They are wary and spook easily, but this one explored the yard while the 'other half' watched from the roof.

A Hungry Heron

We have a couple of very small ponds in our backyard containing aquatic plants, (feeder) goldfish, and mosquito fish. (Water attracts birds!) Two summers ago some of our larger goldfish disappeared without a trace from a virtually undisturbed "crime" scene. This White Heron swallowed the remaining two goldfish last month. I watched him lift from the pond to the fence, pose for pictures on my neighbor's roof, circle overhead, and head north. I miss my fish, but it was quite a sight to see!

Wild Finches

Finches are fun to feed. Hang a thistle sock in a tree (this one's in our birch tree) and wild finches will take over! Garnets also feed from the sock and mourning doves will clean up the fallen seeds. TIP: Place one sock inside another to keep the thistle seed from falling to the ground so easily.